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We are an owner community for a steel yacht built in Australia - shipbuilding - from the 70s, the Old Salt. The yacht is a beautifully designed old sweetheart with history. And what's coming is guaranteed not a sailor's yarn:

In 2007, the Old Salt and her "sister ship", the Eliane, were raised. The Customs found on board 6.5 tons of hashish worth 23 million euros. The crew hiked behind Swedish curtains (but in Spain) and the ships lay devastated and sad in the North Sea. Wind, weather, salt air, barnacles and customs did the rest.

Until in the year 2011 reckless dreamer fell in love with the Old Salt. They researched their story, before the drug career, and finally - hell-bent - bought the sympathetic hooker.

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The aim of the project is to make the battered ship again a proud yacht.
Financing for this ambitious project will be offered - until completion - exits at major port events such as the Hamburger Harbor birthday, the Kieler Week or the Hanse Sail in Rostock.
For this is still much bookable advertising space on the sympathetic sweetheart available.
Talk to us, also for any time and any place bookable events and exits on the ship.

Anything is possible!

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